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Up front Onwards and upwards Suzanne Kuyser bids farewell to the last print issue of TS Today, and welcomes in a new publishing era Technical help Want to share a story published in TS Today but would prefer to do it via email instead of social media? Simply copy the URL in the browser version of the magazine and paste it into your email message, so that your recipient can click on the link. Subscribe If you havent yet subscribed to TS Today online, its not too late! Simply visit TSIs website and click on the subscribe link. W elcome to your December issue of TS Today, which will be the last time you receive this magazine in a printed format. Our institute has more than 130 years oftreasured history, which has been mirroredover the years in TS Today and, before that, within the pages of its predecessor, The Review. The magazine has since become the goto tool for members interested in updates about the institute; regulation changes in consumer protection and how to apply them; practitioner investigations; best practice; and news from across the industry aswell as TSI Conference. Now were entering the digital age and from early January 2015 your regular monthly TS Today magazine will be available online only. But this does not mean an end to our print offering. In late January 2015, you will receive the first edition of our new printed flagship publication, Were entering the TSReview. digital age and from This authoritative new early January 2015 magazine will contain the your regular monthly TS Today latest views from inside and outside the profession, magazine will be available examining what the future online only holds, what our biggest challenges are, and thought leadership about how we need to tackle them. Plus, it will bring you our first-ever CPPD training articles, helping you to keep your qualifications uptodate. As well as TS Today online and TSReview, from January 2015 we will also be sending you fortnightly updates from TSI in our newformat newsletter, TS Update, which will replace Weekly Highlights and the Members Newsletter. This new-look newsletter will continue to bring you all the latest news on the ministers, government departments and stakeholder organisations that TSI has been consulting with and lobbying to ensure that trading standards is at the forefront of their minds during this time of political uncertainty. Plus, it will include all the regular updates on government consultations, media appearances by TSI staff and training alerts. Your feedback is always welcome. So, if you have any comments, please send them to: Credits Published You might also like Suzanne Kuyser is TS Todays editor- 25 November, 2014 Weve gone digital - September 2014 in-chief, and TSIs service director (communications and policy Images: Brian A Jackson / shutterstock To share this page, click on in the toolbar TS TODAY