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"6":"From the editor-in-chief The future is bright for TS Today Suzanne Kuyser Editor-in-chief This is our last printed edition of TS Today, but as we say farewell to it in its current form, so we prepare to welcome in our fantastic new quarterly print journal, TS Review. I am confident you will be delighted with TS Review and with what it offers, from strong indepth features to opportunities to gain free CPPD. In the meantime, as you await first sight of our new publication, please make sure you have signed up for your regular enewsletter alert to TS Today online. Several of our readers have admitted that, despite their initial reservations, they have been more than pleasantly surprised by our digital edition of TS Today, and I have received many compliments on its quality and additional features. I hope you will share the digital TS Today links with all your local government contacts lets raise the profile of our profession with our monthly flagship. TS TODAY "