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TSI HaS ITS Say TSI HaS ITS Say a selection of the institutes contributions to government policy debate a selection of the institutes contributions to government policy debate Click each image for more content Click each image for more content Smoking Smoking in private vehicles Children and vehicles Families Act 2014 British credit unions at 50: call for evidence British credit unions at 50: call for evidence British credit unions at 50: Smoking in private vehicles call for evidence carrying children proposed HM Treasury, august 2014 regulations to be made unions, on their 50th TSI is delighted to congratulate the British credit under the anniversary, on the strong role they play in supporting good financial Childrenhelping those who do not have access2014 and Families Act to UK banks management and Credits department of Health (dH) august 2014 or who have had poor experiences with them. We welcome their role in helping people on low incomes to access loans in a safe and managed environment, and proposals for real alternative smoking in private TSI supports both in providing a a prohibition onto the dangers of borrowing from children, and vehicles carryingloansharks. the governments intention that enforcement unions need tothe responsibility of andpolice. The police can But credit will mainly be be more numerous the accessible. The Credit Union Expansion Project, plus the support of the and Group on use existing powers to stop vehicles and require drivers Task passengers Responsible Credit, together indicate starting point for far greater to identify themselves. Local authorityaofficers do not have such powers. support for the movement than hasalso authorise some of their own However, local authorities could been seen in the past 20 years, but there will need to be a sustained level personnel enabling them to officers including trading standards of support,not just a one-off. take part in campaigns toneeded for the continuing to deal with offences when Backing is clearly promote compliance and provision and maintenance of advice have no effect. information andcredit union services, especially in areas of greater deprivation or where banking services are distant from low-income in Given the extensive and successful experience of local authorities homes poorly smoke-free legislation, this transport. implementing served by affordable public experience could be shared with thesupport could besimilarly high levels of compliance. Such police to ensure the provision of rent-free/rent-assisted venues in places such as council offices it an empty shops on local shopping With the regulations making and offence to smoke in an enclosed parades, and could involve creating person and a person under the private vehicle when more than one community spaces for such services in new housing developments. age of 18 is present, this offence would fall on the person smoking, regardless of their age. Creating a stabilisation fund and a national liquidity pool so that all credit unions can look after their members appears a sound proposition. TSI therefore recommends that the DoH considers the inclusion of an However, enhanced powersthe smoker under the age of 18 years) to age-related exemption (for for the Prudential Regulation Authority actively to intervene when credit unions start struggling, without the make it clear that responsibility to ensure a smoke-free private vehicle approval of driver (regardless of age) as ethos of the movement and may lies with thetheir members, is against thethe person having management introduce of sort of distrust that some members have for major of the or controlthe the smoke-free vehicle as set out in the Section 8(4) banks. Health Act. the video on the Association of British Credit Unions Although (ABCUL) website is years of implementing that thesale legislation and Also, after many excellent, TSI believes age of sites find your credit union search engine needs enhancement, and that clearer and more working with the business sector, TSI highlights the practical difficulty of accessible information is age of a young person travelling in the enclosed correctly determining therequired on who can join and why, to encourage greater take-up private vehicle. rates. For instance, a potential online applicant cannot to apply see the In respect of the proposal for these new offencescurrentlyto caravans questions caravans when they are being used as process. Acentral and motorthat will be asked before beginning the vehicles but not when information point, giving clear as smoking within a private residential they are being used as homes directions, would help newcustomers to assess what is against and join TSI dwelling is noton offer the law up. agrees it is right that this should extend government and motor homes when they are functioning as The to caravans should fund credit union advertising in local communities when they are set up, or a national campaign to help dwellings, and when they are both stationary and not on the road. expand credit union membership, as well as promoting the Lead officers: Jane MacGregor and Tony Freeman take-up of credit union schemes by businesses through Local Enterprise Partnerships. It For more details, and to contribute to consultations such as these, and to learn would also be interesting to look further at the Irish model visit www.tradingstandards.gov.uk and borrow the successful elements for the UK. 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