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Business Companion In this feature l online guidance l tool for business l ease of use The new Business Companion website Site launch a success TSIs Business Companion site has gone live, to much acclaim from firms and officials, says Ivy Hughes I n October, TSI successfully launched its free-to-use trading standards law and consumer protection regulations guidance website, Business Companion, before a group of business and political leaders at the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS). We know that businesses can find navigating their way around trading standards law a daunting prospect, said Consumer Affairs Minister Jo Swinson, whospoke at the event. It is important there is help available to support them in understanding the law and keeping up to date with any changes. Business Companion will provide an invaluable, free and easy-to-use resource to help companies remain compliant. Thats not only good for business, but reassuring forconsumers, too. One-stop shop More than 30 representatives from various organisations including the Trade Association Forum, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and Greater London Enterprise celebrated the launch of Business Companion, an easy, one-stop-shop tool for businesses interested in knowing about trading standards law related to their industry. The majority of businesses strive to do what is right and what is legal, said TSI chief The majority of executive Leon Livermore, who also spoke businesses strive to at the event. TSI is thrilled to present a free, do what is right and accessible tool that can help them do just that. what is legal. TSI is thrilled to Business owners frequently experience present a free, accessible tool confusion when determining which of the that can help them do just that thousands of laws on the statute book apply Leon Livermore to them. Unfortunately, the law doesnt define businesses by their trade, but on how they sell, what they sell and where they sell. Byanswering simple questions on the new site to establish these facts, firms are directedto guidance that directly affects theirbusiness. Business Companion also lets firms set up legislative alerts so they can be notified via email as soon as a change to a relevant law comes into effect. Small firms are so busy running their own businesses that they cant be experts on the many complexities of the regulation landscape, said John Allan, national chairman of the FSB. This one-stop shop on consumer and fair trading information will be really useful, and warmly welcomed by our members. Business Companion has been designed so company owners can also find laws specific to their industry. For example, a query for potatoes brings up laws related to food labelling and weights and measures. Once the query is complete, the business owner can create a printable guide for easy reference. General guides are broken down into 15 key points for companies interested in a general overview of particular laws, while in-depth guides give the user a more detailed explanation. Business Companion is part of the business education role that TSI is carrying out on behalf of BIS, and TSI is keen that members share the new site with local businesses. Copies of an information card to give to local businesses can be ordered from TSI. Credits Published Ivy Hughes is a communications 25 November, 2014 To share this page, click on in the toolbar executive at TSI. TS TODAY