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CCAS In this feature l Carpet Foundation code l BAR l alternative dispute resolution Feel at home with codes sponsors Two Consumer Codes Approval Scheme sponsors are minimising the risk of people being defrauded when they move or refurbish their homes, says Ivy Hughes T he code of practice sponsored by the British Association of Removers (BAR) which has 450 members in more than 600 UK locations ensures member removal companies provide a high quality service, while adhering to strict consumer protection regulations. With more than 500 members throughout the country, The Carpet Foundations code of practice offers a similar assurance to those buying carpet. The code guarantees that the purchase is safe, the consumer receives impartial advice, and the deposit is dealt with appropriately, said Rupert Anton, of the Foundation. If theres a problem, well deal withit. The Carpet Foundation was launched in 1999, as a way for carpet manufacturers to market more effectively to UK consumers. In the carpet industry, marketing was a newfangled discipline, said Anton. The remit was to make carpet more fashionable and, ideally, increase market share. It worked for a couple of years. When the tactic stopped working, attention turned to boosting the industrys credibility with the public. At the time, any business willing to pay a fee could join The Carpet Foundation; before working with TSI, more than 1,200 unchecked retailers were members. We needed external accreditation to prove to consumers that what we were saying was true, Anton said. In 2005, The Carpet Foundation code was approved by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). The code guarantees The code is a differentiator for us, Anton the carpet purchase added. Our retailers know that, and so do is safe, the consumer consumers. Its saying: If you buy from me, receives impartial advice and this is what youre going to get. If its not the deposit is dealt with true, Ill go out of business but youll still get appropriately yourcarpet. Rupert Anton BARs decision to sponsor a code for the removal industry derived from a similar desire for greater market distinction and consumer protection. We have always striven to be at the forefront of quality and standards in the removals sector, said Stephen Vickers, director general of BAR. With ever-changing consumer protection legislation, BAR is keen to ensure members always provide the highest level of service. Becoming a Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS) sponsor was a logical step, and consistent with the aims of BAR. One of many aspects that sets TSIs CCAS apart from other schemes is the requirement for each sponsor to have an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process. ADRs allow for an independent complaints process that benefits consumers and businesses. The BAR Independent Alternative Dispute Resolution Service operated by the Property Ombudsman has long been heralded as a very effective ADR scheme. The code gives consumers the peace of mind that when moving with a BAR member they will receive high levels of service, their money is protected through the advanced payment guarantee scheme and, in the unlikely event of something going wrong, they have access to an independent dispute resolution scheme, said Vickers. Credits Published You might also like Ivy Hughes is a communications 25 November, 2014 CCAS November 2014 executive at TSI. Images: Alexander Raths / Shutterstock To share this page, click on in the toolbar TS TODAY