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In this feature l tackling supply l new TSI project l electronic cigarettes Beating the bootleggers Tackling the supply of illicit tobacco has become the number one tobacco-control activity for local authorities. Jane MacGregor outlines the findings of TSIs latest survey A report published last month by TSI shows that for the first time in more than 10 years of data collection the most common tobacco-control activity is not tackling underage sales, but clamping down on the supply of illicit tobacco. The Tobacco Control Survey found that 97 per cent of responding councils were carrying out at least one tobacco-control activity 91 per cent had taken action in relation to illicit tobacco, and 88 per cent in relation to preventing underage sales of tobacco products. In 201213, 95 per cent of councils were engaged in this latter area of work so there has been a statistically significant decrease. To support the underage sales control activity, the Department of Health (DH) has commissioned TSI to develop and deliver a new project, to run from December 2014 to March 2015. This will seek to enhance competence in intelligence gathering for underage sales of tobacco, and provide a programme of testing by local authority trading standards services. Details of the training events can be obtained from the events team by emailing Another thing highlighted by the report is the level of activity in relation to electronic cigarettes, with 65 per cent of councils reporting action. This is in line with the increased availability and use by consumers of these products. This annual survey of activity carried out in English councils, and conducted by TSI on behalf of the DH provides the most detailed picture of the scope andlevel of tobacco-control activity. Therewas an exceptionally high response rate of 98 per cent to the survey. The full report can be found here. Credits Published Jane MacGregor tobacco control advice 28 October, 2014 To share this page, click on in the toolbar and guidance for TSI. Images: holbox / Shutterstock