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In this feature l fellows l scholarships l charity Fellow Jim Humble launches the latest book from the College of Fellows at TSI Conference in July. Watch him in action at the video link below Good fellows Each year, new TSI members are inducted into the College of Fellows at Conference. Here, TS Today explains what you have to do to become a Fellow, and what the charity does to help members T he College of Fellows (CoF) is a charity that has supported TSI and the trading standards profession for more than 60 years. Itpromotes educational and research activities, as well as providing help for the families and dependants of trading standards professionals who die in service, and in other times of crisis. So how do you become a Fellow, and how can you take part in research scholarships and support the charity? HOW CAN YOU HELP? The College of Fellows needs your help in attracting donations to maintain its work. Donations are currently made by individual members, branches and TSI itself, so if you are able to make a new donation or to increase an existing contribution please Research scholarships contact us at TSI through college scholarships has long engaged in research for the benefit of members, the trading standards community, and the public, providing up to 100 per cent funding of costs for institute members who meet the criteria. For more information, see the guide booklet on the college page at the TSI website. or contact Phil Bottomley on 07751 701614 or Chris Armstrong on 07771 963787 for a gift-aid form. Overseas research bursaries Initially to the value of 1,250, bursaries are offered for short-term projects, to cover travel to the country of the applicants choice, and subsistence. They offer the chance to discover how trading standards tasks are performed overseas, and are available to all categories of membership although full members with foreign language competence are given priority. Applicants must identify their preferred project, outline the institutions they plan to visit, and indicate the extent of potential contacts, endorsement and support particularly from senior management. Asummary article of about 1,500 words will be required from successful candidates within three months of their return. Support for students and the YCOY competition Awards to encourage students, contributing members and young people from schools and youth organisations are also supported by the CoF. It sponsors two prizes for top achievers in the institutes examination programme, and makes an annual award for the best article published in TS Today. The national Young Consumer of the Year competition is supported by a significant financial contribution, plus a 1,000 prize and a trophy. Become a TSI fellow To join the ranks of Fellowship, a TSI member needs to have gone the extra mile, either for the profession or in support of the institute. They can then be nominated by another member, if they are seconded and supported by six other members. Nominations are considered by the CoF committee, which makes recommendations to the CoFs annual general meeting, normally held in June at TSI Conference. Approval is then sought from TSI council at its autumn meeting, and successful nominees are formally welcomed into the CoF at TSIs next annual conference. New faces Highlights from this years TSI Conference, where the latest members were inducted to Fellowship In July, five new Fellows were elected to the College of Fellows after going the extra mile for trading standards. Former TSI chief executive Ron Gainsford introduces them and outlines their careers here. Click images for more Leon Livermore Helen Picton David Riley Martin Fisher Graham Hebblethwaite Succeeding me as chief executive last of the countrys first 24/7 multi-agency was also a finalist in the public protection year, Leon is the Chris Robshaw, the Jonny team; achieved the only 3-star brigaded Municipal Journal awards; regional food Wilkinson of trading standards, and service best-value rating; reduced crime champion in 2008 and in 2009; a finalist has brought expertise, experience and in Leicester Square by 50 per cent; and in the European public sector awards; a excellent leadership to the role. developed the ground-breaking Civic finalist in the Local Government Chronicle Watch initiative. By September 2003, he management team of the year awards; others, leading from the front and lending was on his way to Cambridgeshire County and his council was awarded Beacon his own self-belief to those around him. He Council with a growing reputation as an Status for Better Regulation. has also been praised for his willingness to innovative practitioner. His strength lies in his ability to inspire take criticism phlegmatically, while always The Audit Commission voted Leons By the time he left to lead TSI in February trading standards service as the most 2013, he had become the countys head improved regulatory service in the country of supporting businesses and communities. in 2009, while in 2010 and 2012 his teams in August 1988, when he was taken on This involved overseeing trading standards, were again finalists in the LGC Awards. by the Royal Borough of Kingston upon waste management, arts, culture and Thames as a Diploma in Trading Standards sport, with responsibility for 50 million of like the Community Alcohol Partnerships, trainee, emerging as a DTS graduate from contract, revenue and capital programme Financial Health Clinics, Kick Ash, ERWIN South Thames College in Wandsworth in funds. and No Cold Calling Zones illustrate giving credit to his team members. Leons trading standards career began Leons successes with inventive projects his resolve to involve and help people, His council, councillors, staff and 1991, and joining TSI that same year. residents have recognised his contributions communities and businesses. As chief in 1999, and soon started to make his mark by awarding him the National Business executive of TSI, his good work is more in the capital, where he led the formation Awards Better Regulation prize in 2007; he valuable than ever. He moved to Westminster City Council Credits Published Images: Sam Atkins To share this page, click on in the toolbar 28 October, 2014 TS TODAY New faces In July, five new Fellows were elected to the College of Fellows after going the extra mile for trading standards. Former TSI chief executive Ron Gainsford introduces them and outlines their careers here. Click images for more Leon Livermore Helen Picton David Riley Martin Fisher Graham Hebblethwaite Helen was unanimously nominated for TSI Council in 1989 as a trainee, attending her colleagues across Wales for more Fellowship by her peers, which says a lot Daunceys Hotel in Weston-super-Mare and than 20 years in health, safety and trading about their regard for her as a person and emerging three years later with her DTS standards. She is an examiner for the Welsh as a professional, and their respect for her qualification. Branch Diploma in Consumer Affairs and After working for four other Welsh local achievements. She believes in what she is Trading Standards mock oral and practical examinations. doing and always goes the extra mile for authorities, she joined Bridgend County the people and communities she serves Borough Council five years ago and leads in Wales. that councils trading standards service as 22 Welsh heads of trading standards, and the its manager, during which time she has also four police services in Wales, to create a pool studied for and received her MBA. of officers trained and accredited in the issue Helen achieved a Degree in Zoology and worked for four years in a hospital pathology laboratory before she got her first experience It was to Helen that the Welsh Assembly Helen has led the way in working with the of Penalty Notices for Disorder (PNDs) for the of trading standards; she was so incensed government turned when it wanted to illegal sale of alcohol. Trading standards with the poor treatment she received when access regulatory expertise, experience and and police officers can now issue these PNDs complaining to a dry cleaners over a ideas on all matters alcohol, tobacco, age- independently and competently, thanks to damaged garment that she sought help related sales and public health. Helen is also Helen. from her local trading standards service. the first port of call for the Welsh media, like- Similarly, she has worked with HM Revenue minded organisations, consumers and her and Customs and the industry in Wales to hooked and set about becoming a trading trading standards friends. Her pre-eminence deliver a training package for illicit tobacco, standards officer, joining Gwent County in her subject area has seen her training and more recently has ensured support After a successful intervention, Helen was New faces In July, five new Fellows were elected to the College of Fellows after going the extra mile for trading standards. Former TSI chief executive Ron Gainsford introduces them and outlines their careers here. Click images for more Leon Livermore Helen Picton David Riley Martin Fisher David is a cornerstone of Trading Standards protection officer for the Isle of Anglesey Wales. After obtaining a BSc (Hons) in County Council, responsible for both trading Psychology at Cardiff, he slipped into the standards and environmental health services. David is trading standards to the core. A post of trainee trading standards officer Graham Hebblethwaite on the National Trading Standards Board. Trading Standards Wales has recently been reorganised and it is no surprise to see David leading the North Wales regional (TSO) in 1979 with Gwynedd County Council, true professional, he has been an institute collaboration project on behalf of his attending Manchester Polytechnic for his member since 1988 and a hugely supportive colleagues, the Directors of Public Protection Diploma in Trading Standards, which he was member of the Welsh branch since its Wales. awarded in 1983. inception he is now on the path towards He was appointed TSO for Gwynedd at election as chairman. His previous experience at Consumer Direct Wales gives him a project experience the divisional office in Llangefni and he has Trading Standards Wales comprises both worked there ever since. Local government the branch and the Welsh Heads of Trading has he stepped back from his eight years as reorganisation in 1996 saw David appointed Standards (WHoTS), and David holds the lead officer for both Consumer Direct Wales trading standards operations manager, and distinction of having twice been chairman and the successor Citizens Advice helpline by 2001 he became chief TSO. of WHoTS; he has also been secretary of service. He has also ensured that his Welsh WHoTS more than once. As well as holding language compatriots are as well catered for these roles, he is the Welsh representative as the English speakers. His career rise continues, and in April of 2014 he was named the chief public New faces platform few can match, and only recently In July, five new Fellows were elected to the College of Fellows after going the extra mile for trading standards. Former TSI chief executive Ron Gainsford introduces them and outlines their careers here. Click images for more Leon Livermore Helen Picton David Riley Martin Fisher Graham Hebblethwaite Those who nominated Martin for Fellowship Trade Descriptions Act and the infamous Price temporary appointment with Cornwall said that he possessed a questioning, curious Marking (Bargain Offers) Order, for falsely Trading Standards. He began working full intellect and a selfless, adaptable personality advertising discounts from a normal price. time again in 2006 and is now a senior TSO, which shows the high esteem in which his That case, and Martins other work, to this specialising once again in prices and fair day underpin the governments and TSIs trading. Typically, he has thrown himself into guidance on pricing practices. Consumers South West branch affairs and was chairman began in August 1976 when Martin was have much to thank him for in his pursuit of from 2010 to 2012. one of six trainees recruited by Hampshire fair price advertising. colleagues hold him. His exceptional trading standards career Consumer Protection Department. Martins sense of fair play led him to dig Martins career blossomed as he rose deep into the scandalous practices operated to become Hampshires Trading Standards by some rogue park home site owners in trading standards officer (TSO) in Hampshires manager in 1996. He had added an LLB law Cornwall. The intimidation, harassment, fraud Basingstoke office, where he received his degree to his qualifications file, and was the and other appalling practices seen by Martin Diploma in Consumer Affairs in the same year, lead expert for both TSI and Local Authorities served only to heighten his resolve to help joined the institute in 1979 and was promoted Co-ordinating Body on Food and Trading the many desperate residents in need of in 1984 to area TSO. Standards (LACOTS) on prices, fair trading and professional support. Following this in 1978, he was appointed as This marked the beginning of his devotion to prices, advertising and legislation, a subject in which as TSIs lead officer for prices he has estate agents. He was on TSI council from 1993 to 2001 as the Southern branch representative. After spending some time as a stay-at- In 2011, he gave evidence for TSI and Cornwall to the Parliamentary Select Committee on the subject, and was few peers to this day. He prosecuted a major home dad to his second child, he returned instrumental in the creation of the Mobile furniture retailer, both under Section 11 of the to duty in 2005, when he was given a Homes Act 2013. New faces In July, five new Fellows were elected to the College of Fellows after going the extra mile for trading standards. Former TSI chief executive Ron Gainsford introduces them and outlines their careers here. Click images for more Leon Livermore Helen Picton David Riley Martin Fisher Graham Hebblethwaite Graham retired a year ago from one of ministers and senior officials that his West He invested in public analyst and bulk the biggest jobs in trading standards Yorkshire consumer helpline was perfectly fuel calibration services and optimised since 2005 he had been chief officer of the placed to provide a Pathfinder Consumer transactional income to offset the funding exemplary West Yorkshire Joint Services Direct service. pressure his parent councils were feeling. consortium; he filled the role with distinction, He is proud of the leading role West He also maximised partnership demonstrating leadership, innovation, Yorkshire performed over the next eight arrangements in areas like money skills courage and resolve. years in delivering outstanding levels of and tobacco education, all the while Consumer Direct service to consumers and maintaining investment in the future of the colleagues alike. profession. Grahams distinguished trading standards career began in 1975 as a trainee weights and measures inspector for West Yorkshire West Yorkshire had always been an An institute member since 1976, Metropolitan County Council. By July 1979, innovative champion of the Home Authority he chaired the Yorkshire and Humber he was among the first tranche of Diploma in Principle, and with big retailers like ASDA and branch in 2003-04, chaired the regional Trading Standards graduates and started as Morrisons located there, Graham ensured group from 2007-10, and represented it on a Trading standards officer (TSO) in Lambeth. that his service embraced and promoted the National Trading Standards Policy Forum the new Primary Authority partnerships. By his and Board. His support for TSI Conference where he soon developed a reputation retirement, West Yorkshire led the way in the has become a fixture, with the West Yorkshire for team leadership and for finding new scores of Primary Authority contracts it had lunch famed for its hospitality. funding streams domestically and in the EU. with businesses from across the country. In 1983 he moved back to West Yorkshire, When the Blair government kick-started the Building on the work of his predecessors, The continuing support of Grahams councillors and sponsors, like Status provision of call centre-based consumer Graham developed West Yorkshire Joint International, serves to illustrate their faith in advice in 2004, Graham quickly convinced Services as a broad spectrum service leader. Graham and those around him.