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Mentoring Challenges, changes and chat Mentor Peter Lowe, chair of BPA Wales and managing director at RTA Associates, and mentee David Bagwell, commercial manager at ParkingEye, had an unusual start to the mentoring scheme, as Louise Parfitt finds out Why did you become involved? David Bagwell (DB): When I joined ParkingEye last year, I was new to the private car parking sector, so I saw it as a great opportunity to learn more. Peter Lowe (PL): When I heard about the pilot scheme, I was all for it. I want to give something back and pass on whatever knowledge and support I can, when I can. What were your initial meetings like? DB: Id not been in the role long when I was furloughed, so I was able to use that time to learn more about the BPA, and the parking profession as a whole, because I had Peter to guide me. PL: It was challenging for us in the beginning, because of David being on furlough it was a difficult time for him. Obviously, he was limited in what he could do with his company because of the furlough rules. I was able to direct him to reading materials and where to find out more to help him through this period, and then we moved into preparing him for going back to work. How have your meetings evolved? DB: It was quite structured to start with, because we had some keys areas and objectives we wanted to cover. But in our meetings now well have a general chat and find out how the world is with each other, and then well move into the mentoring discussions. There is a wellbeing aspect to it, as well as a learning aspect. Hes not only a mentor, but a friend as well now BPA mentoring scheme kindly sponsored by CDER Group PL: David has been very disciplined in setting his own objectives and making notes, so weve been able to plan ahead for our next meeting. Its gone really well. What have been the benefits? DB: Peter has directed me to information that, perhaps, can be overlooked or it is assumed you know such as the BPAs Code of Practice, or traffic regulation orders. I have then been able to apply this knowledge in my role, so it has been hugely beneficial. PL: Its a great way of connecting people. As well as David, I have met up virtually with other mentors, which has been brilliant. It has made me realise how much experience I have: David has brought out of me things I thought I had forgotten. Has anything surprised you? DB: There is a wellbeing aspect to it, as well as a learning aspect. Having that regular contact, where we check in and chat about our lives, has been hugely important. And it goes beyond the monthly calls he is there if I have a query or need some advice. Hes not only a mentor, but a friend as well now. PL: I couldnt have put it better myself. Find out more about the mentoring scheme at britishparking.co.uk/mentoring 42 britishparking.co.uk PN June 2021 pp42 Mentoring.indd 42 21/05/2021 11:47