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Road trip As summer arrives, most of us are turning our thoughts to holidays. Those who love the freedom of travelling around, rather than a static stay, are lobbying for recognition of their parking needs, as Louise Parfitt finds out he Covid pandemic and overseas travel restrictions have contributed to the rising popularity of the staycation. Local authorities are preparing for an influx of people to coastal and countryside areas as the weather warms and lockdowns lift.1 Already this year, we have heard stories about verges mysteriously blocked off, supposedly to prevent parking and camping. Last year, some councils struggled with people staying overnight in car parks in already busy areas, and with inconsiderate parking blocking access to property. Some areas have also been affected by dirty camping with rubbish and toilet waste left behind. Last summer, Dartmoor National Park Authority 2 banned camping in certain areas after overcrowding and antisocial behaviour had a devastating effect on habitats and wildlife. Its a tricky situation. No-one wants to wake up to a pile of rubbish in their garden, or find their road blocked by a holidaymaker not used to the size of vehicle they are driving or where to park it. But places and businesses crippled economically by the Covid-19 restrictions are desperate to welcome back visitors the majority of whom are respectful and law-abiding. Most people are compliant BPA research showed three-quarters of motorists have not received a ticket T in the past three years 3 but one of the groups struggling to find safe parking spaces is the motorhome community. The motorhome market has been increasing at a steady rate over the past decade. There has been a noticeable increase in use, says Colin Perris, parking facilities manager at Canterbury City Council. Were seeing a greater number of UK motorhomes wanting parking provision in the district, but, at the moment, thats making up for the lack of foreign visitors arriving through the tunnel or by ferry. The Campaign for Real Aires UK (CAMpRA) was set up in 2019 by Donald Macdonald, as a local group for Scottish motorhome owners. By June 2020, its reach was expanded to the whole of the UK. It now has nearly 20,000 members and, through its association with Camping Car Park, reaches about 460,000 people. Were asking for two things: a safe place to park overnight, and 20 britishparking.co.uk PN June 2021 pp20-23 Motorhomes.indd 20 21/05/2021 17:09