Better together? When to go for a package deal

Impact Review

Learning from experience. Joanna Dempsey, Commercial Enterprise Lead at Eastern AHSN, explains how some innovators are A partnership with AstraZeneca to pilot Liberate Pro and CareDoctR t Eastern AHSN, we meet so many inspiring innovators whose solutions could make a huge impact on our health services with the right support. Sometimes we are able to Our focus on helping organisations provide better services for patients means we can innovators to package their products with those of a partner? A better patient experience When a patient is diagnosed with a long-term condition, it can be daunting to take in all the relevant information, learn to use new tools for managing their condition and keep track of tests or appointments. can integrate digital innovations so that patients just need to familiarise themselves with one tool it can be much easier to adjust and manage their condition. This is particularly important for those who may not be NHS procurement can be complicated to navigate. Not only will a packaged solution that covers more than one need make it more appealing to commissioners and buyers, it makes procurement and broker an agreement between innovators, but it makes it easier to embed within the healthcare system once this is in place. Sharing risk and costs between partners cost of future developments for your innovations, more and share marketing and sales expenditure. You may want to explore entering a Joint Working Agreement the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry that aims to Learn more about Liberate Pro If you have a great idea and need support to understand how you can make a positive health impact for patients, get in touch healthcare providers and save the NHS money. Eastern AHSN acted as an honest broker for the arrangement and really helped us in building a great partnership built on trust and transparency Click here to learn more about CareDoctR Putting theory into practice: more health conditions1. morbidities over a period of years. We wanted to see if we could build on these pathways and improve recommend some solutions. The team recommended two innovations that worked well together, we and looked to pilot them together. created the patients attending their surgery several times a year for each of their It enabled us to explore ways we could deliver more for patients than we could achieve separately is a digital platform that enables clinicians to record important parts of their consultation and share relevant educational content and information about conditions that can be accessed by patients via a secure online portal. The healthcare professional can draw upon preloaded content and add notes, attachments and visuals to customise information to the patients individual case. This enables patients to play back, read and digest information and share it with family or carers. gathered the relevant organisations to facilitate collaboration. We and how they would work together. . The innovations lined up so well and it enabled us to explore ways we could deliver packaged solution. Eastern AHSN has provided funding to support the licensing and evaluation of a pilot across eight We know that citizens, academia, health services and industry will achieve more working together than they will in isolation. We regularly engage a wide variety of organisations in our work, so when our partners at AstraZeneca told us they were looking at how services might use a single platform for the management of patients with multi-morbidities, we knew they would be interested in this project. As a result of this project, Eastern AHSN has entered a Joint Working Agreement with AstraZeneca, shows improved patient outcomes, we will look at further integrating the solutions into a single platform and the long-term sustainability of the project. . Reference References Share this article Eastern AHSN acted as an honest broker for the arrangement and really helped us in building a great partnership built on trust and transparency. Like to know more? Joanna Dempsey at