The ADHD puzzle - helping children get a validated diagnosis faster

Impact Review

National adoption and spread: Six benefits of the QbTest 1 Dr Venkat Reddy, Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician at Cambridgeshire within 6 months is doubled3 2 A 1 2 3 20% and 33% in time 4 Enhance communication 4 patients their families 5 with ADHD dont exhibit or 6 343 per diagnosed ADHD patient East Midlands Improving the diagnosis of Holden, S., Jenkins-Jones, S., Poole, C. et al. (2013). The prevalence and incidence, 1 (ADHD) in children (1998 to 2010). Available: . Last 2 Quinn, P. O. and Mahdoo, M. (2014). A 3 Available: Last accessed 4 Midlands. Available: Last References Living with ADHD her insight into In many ways, both mine and my sons diagnosis came as a relief as it answered so many questions Share this article Interested in piloting the test?