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DFP CASE STUDY | 1 BROADGATE The BIM model showing services at 1 Broadgate waste heat from the office spaces for use in the retail spaces. On the heating side, we started off with gas boilers but as time has gone by weve incorporated more and more heat pumps into the design coupled with thermal stores, explains Woods. When the offices are in cooling mode, rather than dump heat to atmosphere via the cooling towers, the energy is retained in the thermal stores for use in heating the retail spaces or domestic hot water (for more on this approach see Plant Room, CIBSE Journal, September 2020). An ambition for the building is to reduce gas consumption as much as possible and make full use of energy generated. Retail units are provided with captured energy from the cooling condenser water loop for heating or hot water via dedicated heat pumps, says Woods. The shops will be open at weekends when the offices are closed. Were looking at a second scenario for the weekends where we can charge the thermal stores during the week from recovered energy in order to take care of weekend operation without having to run the boilers, says Woods. A key element in developing the MEP design for 1 Broadgate are design reviews. The MEP scheme was reviewed by Delta Q, which has experience of reviewing Nabers schemes in Australia. (See panel Reviewing the design). From the landlords perspective, Webster says the metering strategy needs to align with the HVAC model so that, when the building is in operation, British Land can compare metering data with the model to ensure the systems are running as Hilson Moran envisaged. He says CIBSEs TM39 Building Energy Metering guide fits well with DfP but, he adds: There is a need for the guide to be reviewed to ensure it aligns with the requirements of DfP. Webster is a fan of DfP: Weve all been doing elements of design for performance in our professional careers but this framework brings it all together in a robust methodology that we can work through sequentially, he says. CJ For more on the DfP initiative see bit.ly/CJNov20DfP Command smoke and save lives Actionair SmokeCommand CE marked smoke control dampers tested to EN 1366-10 and EN1366-2 fulfilling the requirements of EN 12101-8 swegon.com/smokecommand SmokeCommand Ad quarter page.indd 1 14/01/2020 14:26:39 54 November 2020 www.cibsejournal.com CIBSE Nov 2020 pp52-54 DFP Case study.indd 54 23/10/2020 16:39