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ACOUSTICS | TRUMPINGTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE SketchUp rooflight view of first- and second-floor teaching-learning terraces and entrance foyer SoundSpace was also employed to show staff the effect of different occupancy levels, and their acoustic impact on pupils in the open-plan space if only 50% or only 25% of the recommended sound absorption was installed.The auralisation enabled the school to understood the importance ofthe acoustic treatment in enabling the effective use of the open-plan spaces, says Novo. In fact, the SoundSpace demonstrations were integral to convincing the client of the importance of acoustic absorption, which spared it from being reduced as part of a value-engineering exercise. Novo adds: The school is extremely pleasedwith the result, which allows them to undertake the activities that they have envisaged for the open-plan space, while creating an overall comfortable acoustic environment. CJ Acoustic absorption results in reduced general noise, and people speaking at lower sound levels so there is a positive feedback loop Open-plan informal areas allow students to be taught in clusters of two and three 10 April 2019 www.cibsejournal.com CIBSE Apr19 pp06-08,10 School Supp Trumpington Acousticsl.indd 10 22/03/2019 13:13