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BIMCO NEWS March 2020 BIMCO News Update on Persian Gulf tensions and sanctions clauses BIMCO has updated its guidance for operating in the Persian Gulf and is encouraging owners, operators and charterers to follow operational and contractual guidance offered on the BIMCO website. The information was revised at the end of January following the killing of Iranian General Soleimani and subsequent retaliation by Iran, which ignited a significant escalation of an already tense situation between the US and Iran. Read more here. Ice information service expanded BIMCO’s online database of ice information was expanded and updated in January to reflect the amended Polar Code and the subsequently revised national rules, which regulate navigation in arctic waters. “The guidance provided by the individual arctic states applicable to their regions is now referenced in the ice information available on the BIMCO website,” said Peter Lundahl Rasmussen, Head of Maritime Information. Read more here. BIMCO appoints new Secretary General and CEO In January, BIMCO announced the appointment of David Loosley as its new Secretary General and CEO after an extensive executive search. He takes up the position in June. “We are delighted to have found a successor who can continue to build on the excellent work carried out by Angus Frew in positioning BIMCO as the world’s largest international shipping association. David has outstanding communications skills and is a proven leader of an international shipping- related business,” said BIMCO President, Şadan Kaptanoğlu. Read more here. Sanctions clauses revised to meet geopolitical challenges BIMCO’s Documentary Committee approved two charter party sanctions clauses in December to help owners and charterers manage due diligence policies and navigate an increasingly complex environment of economic and trade sanctions imposed by governments. “It’s not possible to cover every possible sanction- related scenario in a charter party clause without being overly prescriptive, but we believe these clauses will strike the right balance for most people,” said Alan Mackinnon, Chief Claims Officer, UK P&I Club and chairman of the sanctions subcommittee. Read more here. Shipping sector proposes USD 5 billion R&D board to cut emissions BIMCO, together with a number of other international shipowner associations, submitted a proposal in mid- December to form the world’s first collaborative shipping R&D programme to help eliminate CO2 emissions from international shipping. The proposal includes core funding from shipping companies across the world of about USD 5 billion over a 10-year period. Read more here. Committees restructured to balance safety and environment The BIMCO Board of Directors has agreed to change the organisation’s committee structure to reflect the increased importance of environmental issues while maintaining a high level of debate on safety. The decision, taken in December 2019, means BIMCO now has two committees, one overseeing the marine environment and a second looking at maritime safety and security. “The new setup reflects the meeting structure at the International Maritime Organization, and will facilitate a better handling of the many important topics on the environment, safety and security agendas,” said Angus Frew, BIMCO Secretary General and CEO. Read more here. Connect with BIMCO Facebook Twitter Linkedin YouTube