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Angus Frew Intro

FOREWORD March 2020 Foreword The unglamorous side of progress Angus Frew, Secretary General & CEO at BIMCO Many of the real advances in shipping are ultimately achieved by industry experts and manufacturers relentlessly inching the agenda forward little by little. It is not glamorous, it rarely generates big media headlines but this vital work, by our staff and others, is done in the name of progress. Some of these unsung heroes visited the BIMCO house a few weeks ago for a working group meeting. They came from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the World Customs Organization, the Swedish Maritime Authority, the European Maritime Safety Agency and the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business. Along with the BIMCO staff, the group is on a long journey to create a “harmonised maritime data model” that will ultimately enable ships to arrive “just in time” to port. If ships maintain the most efficient voyage speed to arrive at the Pilot Boarding Station when availability of berth, fairway and nautical services are assured, it could cut CO2 emissions significantly. To make it work, it is critical that the ports’ attempts to reduce CO2 extend beyond their own operations and that a more holistic approach is adopted. The ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam are leading the way in this effort, but we need all ports to embrace the collaborative spirit. At the same time, a harmonised data model can make a Maritime Single Window possible – in effect standardising the reports and information a ship needs to transmit before a port call, reducing the administrative burden for the ship’s master and crew. Although some are critical of the pace at which the IMO and ISO work, it helps ensure decisions are rigorously debated and tested, and industry experts have their say. Ultimately, when the process is complete, we – hopefully – end up with solutions that keep the playing field level for everyone in the maritime sector. The many working groups should be recognised for the vital work they do to push us forward on the journey to digitalise our industry. Thank you for your hard work! Connect with BIMCO Facebook Twitter Linkedin YouTube