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BIMCO | NEXT PRESIDENT November 2018 BIMCOs next president: Shipping must embrace change By Rasmus Nord Jrgensen, Communications Director at BIMCO BIMCOs first woman President, Sadan Kaptanoglu, steps into one of the leading positions in the shipping world in June 2019. She points to change in a variety of forms as a top priority for the organisation during her time at the top. The changing world we see now is not what we are used to. This change is radical and dramatic, and we must stop resisting it and instead embrace the change, says Sadan Kaptanoglu, CEO of the family-owned Kaptanoglu Group. Kaptanoglu is one expression of a much-needed development in shipping: more women in management an important topic to her. The number of women in high-ranking positions at shipping companies is growing. There are more women shipowners than we think. Diversity in management will help shipping when we have embraced that change, she says. The President Designate has shipping in her blood; she is the head of the Kaptanoglu Group, one of Turkeys most prominent shipping companies, which can trace its origins back more than 100 years. Today, the group owns a fleet of tankers, a shipyard with 1,300 workers, as well as ship management, chartering and agency service businesses. I am convinced that that we should do everything in our power to stop climate change The environmental agenda, economic uncertainty and in particular the implementation of the 2020 sulphur rules are, in her view, the other top issues the industry must face, and she sees the coming years as a complex storm of problems the sector needs to navigate. As BIMCO President Designate, and as a private person, I am convinced that that we should do everything in our power to stop climate change, Kaptanoglu says. Some shipowners want everything to go the way it used to be. Sometimes, we all feel that way, and then reality hits us. We know the world is changing, and the same applies to shipping. At the same time, she says, it is critical that the industry keeps doing its job for the world economy. Environmental awareness is good BIMCO is an international organisation that takes every single member seriously. We are not European. We are not Scandinavian. We are not Asian. We represent every shipping sector around the globe The challenges facing the sector should actually be regarded as opportunities, in her view. A growing awareness of the environment should be seen as a good thing, she says. Shipping is still the most efficient and CO2 friendly way of moving a large quantity of cargo. We need to build on that and make it even more efficient and clean. We must make sure that the shipping industry runs without problems, in a transparent, environmentally responsible and safe way and that is exactly what BIMCO is promoting. BIMCO the voice of all shipowners Kaptanoglu has always loved shipping and grown up with a sense of responsibility that she should not only look after her own interests, but also serve others. To me, BIMCO has always been the organisation that truly represents shipowners, and Im very happy to serve, first as a representative of my country, and now in a personal capacity, she says. She sees BIMCO as being proactive, modern and having foresight, and that these are much-needed qualities in the international environment. We must be as proactive as possible, because our job leading the industry into the 21st century is complex, she says. BIMCO, she believes, is the voice of all shipowners, helping to maintain a level playing field and by guiding its members in the best possible way. More young blood To achieve her goals, and to get the industry to overcome the challenges it faces on the economical and regulatory front, the industry must attract a lot more younger leaders, in her view. The cyber age, along with new rules and regulation, will require an entirely new way of thinking. It is only possible to navigate those issues, if we bring younger leaders to the table, Kaptanoglu says. If possible, more of those leaders should be women, as she believes diversity is one of the key problem-solving approaches for our 21st century complexity. the industry must attract a lot more younger leaders BIMCO has the ability to grow and change and learn. It was only a matter of time before a woman would be leading the organisation. I feel very privileged to be that person. But it actually bothers me that we need to talk about gender in the 21st century, she says. She supports the Women in Maritime initiative and advocates for more women in management, including on the BIMCO board, but it is the economic, environmental and regulatory challenges that will remain the cornerstones of her upcoming two-year presidency. Connect with BIMCO Facebook Twitter Linkedin YouTube