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The ABI produces statistics and data packages that are available to ABI Members, or to purchase on a subscription basis Find out more here Top 10 key facts The UK is the 4th largest insurance & long-term savings 1 provider in the world and the largest in Europe. UK Insurers and Long-term savings industry 2 contributed 30bn to the UK economy in 2019. There are 321,000 people employed in the UK insurance industry, 114,000 of which are directly 3 employed by insurance companies. 47.2m in claims processed each day in motor and property insurance in 2020. Travel insurers paid out 250m claims to travellers who needed help whilst they were abroad. Insurers paid out 17.1m per day on average for protection policies. 1.14bn in fraudulent claims detected in 2020. 98% of protection claims presented were paid out in 2021. ABI Members hold 1.7trn invested assets. 78% of employees pay into a workplace pension. Total premium volume, $bn, 20201 United States China Japan United Kingdom Germany life premiums written non-life premiums written Swiss Re, Sigma No 4/2021 ONS The Blue Book October 2021 Supplementary Tables, Financial Corporations, Table 4.4.2 3. ONS Business Register and Employment Survey 2020 (Released November 2021) - Table 2: datasetsindustry235digitsicbusinessregisterandemploymentsurveybrestable2 1. 2.